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Solo Project

Adobe XD

It's a Toy! Its a Tool! It's Super-Finder! 

What is Super-Finder?

Super-Finder is a children's device that assists in learning through gamification. 

Use the Super-Finder to treasure hunt: Shapes, colours, animals, etc, hidden virtually in the real world with geo-tags only visible to the device. 


With schools closed by the pandemic, children are spending an ever increasing time inside homes with all their learning happening on screens, sitting in one place. What if we could use our surroundings wherever we are and turn them into a learning environment? Super-Finder allows you to do just that. Imagine a treasure hunt, but for language and concepts hidden in plain sight, waiting for you to find them. All you've got to do is follow the red ball. 

Screenshot 2022-07-08 at 11.21.55.png

How does it work?

Learning modules are pre installed into the device and can be activated by a supervisor. Concepts pertaining to the module are turned into virtual objects that are hidden in the real world using geo-tags. 

These can only be hunted using the Super-Finder. Locations of these elements are known to the device which guides the child to the nearest element using the the oscillating ball. Once the user reaches the geo-tagged location of an object, it is unlocked and added to their collection. 
The screen displays the object, its shape, colour, name, etc. and allows the child to discover new concepts, and revise the ones they already know. 


​Based on interviews with stakeholders: parents, and professionals involved in child education. 

  • Repetition plays a major role in language comprehension

  • Enthusiasm is a big factor in how well children learn

  • Gamifying greatly helps increase enthusiasm

Custom Personas

Curating the experience to the preferences of the children helps in inducing enthusiasm. Initial concepts include personas most exciting to children, from superheroes, to story characters, and sports.

RENDER 3.png

Superhero Edition - HULK

render 2 MagGlass.png

Detective Holmes Edition

render 2 TT.png

Sports Edition


Creating the super-finder involved a whole lot of rapid prototyping, testing, and refining. Powered by an Arduino mega, it is equipped with a GPS sensor and a 3.4” LCD touch screen shield.

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