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Solo Project

Intuitive photos management

User Centred design 

Data Management 

UI/UX design


This is a proposal for mobile device manufacturers for a better photos management experience developed with a focus on the iPhone. I developed an extremely simple method to sort through your data, mimicking the gamified experience of a dating app. 

I bet your phone's gallery is mostly filled with images you probably haven't looked at more than once, and will probably never look at them again. And yet, there is little to no incentive to manage this hoard of data. I felt it wasn't just the incentive that was missing, but the lack of a proper data management solution. 


I observed an inclination to clear one's photos gallery when in transit. Especially when travelling without cellular reception for eg. in the underground tube of London. That got me thinking about the concept of dead time and how that could be utilised better to enhance the data management experience. 

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