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Solo Project

CV + LLM recipe design

Computer vision 

food waste

Large Language models

What is is your go-to app for mealtime inspiration and reducing food waste! Instead of staring blankly at a fridge full of ingredients, with, you can easily snap a picture, record a video, or take a voice note of your available groceries and discover an array of delicious recipes that you can create with them. 


As an enthusiastic cook who moved from India to London two years ago, I've been thrilled to experiment with new ingredients and flavors. However, I often found myself struggling to use up all of my groceries, leading to wasted food and frustration.

Thanks to Language Models (LLMs), I've been able to transform my idle groceries into delicious meals, and even discover new recipes that I never would have thought of on my own! That's why I was excited to build an innovative app that generates easy-to-follow recipes with beautiful graphics just from visuals of the refrigerator or a voice note. This app is designed to help everyone make the most of their ingredients and create dishes they'll love. 

Computer Vision + LLM

Through the integration of object detection and voice recognition algorithms, we can accurately identify a comprehensive list of groceries and generate recipe recommendations using large language models (LLMs). One of the features of will be its ability to personalise these recommendations based on the user's level of culinary expertise. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced chef, can provide tailored recipe suggestions and instructions to help successful meal planning. With a streamlined and efficient approach, we can transform the way we plan our meals and manage our groceries.

This is a mock up of what the app could look like.

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