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Group Project in collaboration with the council of Westminster
Fergus Laidlaw
Selene Sari
Ori Blich
Sachin Mehra

Design Research

Experimental Design

Deign for Impact

About the project

In a collaboration project between the Royal College of Art and the Westminster council, we were given a brief to find problems in Mobility and Safety on Edgware Road and come up with solutions for the same. Through live observation and stakeholder interviews, one of the peculiar features of mobility on the road was identified to be the presence of bikers on pavements. What’s more interesting is that almost all of these bikers were using the bikes from the public biking scheme in London by Santander. Upon probing further and interviewing bikers and locals in the area, we identified the central problem as the lack of knowledge/concern for safe biking practices by the users of these bikes in the area. ‘Cyclotto’ is our attempt at answering the question: 

“How might we educate users of Santander bikes about safe biking practices in order to discourage them from riding on the pavements?”  


What is Cyclotto?

Cyclotto is a a lottery embedded within the

santander rental bike system that enters users

into a random lottery draw each month. Users

simply have to answer 4 cycling proficiency questions correctly and they'll be in for a chance to win £500

How does it work?

When a user wants to hire a rental bike, before a bike can be booked, a quick quiz of very basic safe cycling practices has to be answered. This happens both on the phone app as well as the physical booth. The quiz tells the user about good biking practices and the fines for not following them. By providing them with this information just before they ride a bike, we wish to nudge them into following the practices.

Why does it work?

The demography of the Edgware Road area is such that there is a very high number of tourists residing there. As a result, they are not aware of the biking rules and don't follow them. Preliminary interviews with tourists showed that they had no interest in breaking the rules, and using the quiz made them aware of their actions.   

App Demo

Project Overview  (click on arrows to navigate)

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