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Group Project

Hassle free period pain relief - Wash it, Wear it, Forget it! 

Valeria Martinelli 

Mona Daud

Sachin Mehra

What is Dailya?

Dailya is an undergarment with embedded heating elements that provide pain relief in painful menstrual cramps. It uses no electricity, and recharges during washing by using the heat of a washing machine. 



Based on our interviews with users, we identified some key pain points with existing period pain relief solutions such as TENS machines, Single use heat stickers, and painkillers: 

  • Electric solutions are a no go -
    " I forget to charge or carry a battery pack” 

  • Too much effort with stick ons-
    “I can’t keep going to the restroom to use it” 

  • Painkillers are intrusive-
    “I don’t want to take painkillers!”

The humble hot water bottle stood out as the clear preference despite these technologically advanced solutions. The only problem being it is really difficult to use it outside one's personal living space. 

Dailya 1.JPG

Our Challenge

How might we relieve painful menstrual cramps through effective and discreet methods that do not intervene with an individuals daily habits so they can go about their day comfortably. 


We designed a product based on 4 principles: 

  • Effortless: embedded into your underwear, no extra effort. 

  • Discreet: Unnoticeable to anyone.

  • Effective: Heat relaxes painful uterus muscle contractions

  • Inclusive: can be worn by anyone irrespective of medical conditions

user clicking.gif


Dailya uses phase change materials to provide focused heat on uterine muscles to relax the painful contractions that occur during menstruation. It will also have acupressure elements to aid long term pain reduction by targeting specific spleen points. 

User Interaction

To release heat from the underwear, all the user needs to do is compress a clicker positioned inside the phase change material which activates the heating process. Yes, it is that simple. 

At the end of the day; all one needs to do, is wash their Dailya with the rest of their laundry at 60˚C. The phase change material resets during the high temperature wash, and stores this heat for later use. 


So thats Dailya,  A period pain relief underwear designed to be a part of a woman’s routine, Using it is as simple as any other underwear, and at the end of use, it is meant to go to the washing machine, just like a regular underwear.


Please use the links provided below to access our project page on the official Royal College of Art website:

Here's a video we made to explain the project:  

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